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Transcription: Meet Cassandra Jude and the Jude Law Firm


Charlie McDermott 0:07

Well, welcome listeners and viewers, Charlie McDermott, co host producer of the show, but there will be absolutely no show no reason I have a show certainly with with my background and well, if we didn’t have Cassandra so Cassandra, how’re you doing?


Cassandra Jude 0:24

I’m doing great. How are you, Charlie?


Charlie McDermott 0:26

doing terrific one. Congratulations, episode number one. And thrilled about your dedication here. You. I know a lot of busy people and holy smokes, you are right there at the top. But never too busy to help someone in need. And that’s what I love about what you’re doing here. You’re gonna help so many folks at Southwest Florida, all over Florida, with their various legal needs, not from a billing standpoint, but just share helpful information. You know, the good news, bad news about the internet, right? There’s so much information, it’s overwhelming. And if you can find the good stuff without spending your life hours and hours digging, hey, now they know just go to the Jude Law Firm podcast, right? So let’s start out with your background me, Phil, your listeners and your viewers in on who you are and why you’re doing this.


Cassandra Jude 1:30

Sure. So I am obviously an attorney.


Charlie McDermott 1:35

i That’s good.


Cassandra Jude 1:39

I have been in the legal field and some entity for roughly 12 years now. I started out as a paralegal in Texas, and realize that I really love the law. And so I went to my undergrad and law school as a single parent, and eventually found my way to Southwest Florida, which is where I’ve actually went to high school out in Florida, kind of returned home and I have been a public defender. So I’ve done criminal defense with the state’s public defender office, I have also worked at the biggest insurance defense firm in Florida. And with all of that comes a really unique set of skills that I can now use in my own firm to help my clients. So my firm primarily handles criminal defense, personal injury, and we specialize in helping small businesses and like a variety of things like contracts, trademarks, things of that nature. And you know, it’s been a wild ride, but I’m really loving being here in southwest Florida. And I really enjoy helping people and I’ve got to do a lot of good so far. So I’m looking forward to 2023 and helping some more people


Charlie McDermott 2:54

love it, love it, man. And I love your your bandwidth of experience and what you’ve been through, you glossed over the single mom going to law school, I can’t even imagine, you know, all the juggling and the focus it takes to do all those things. So I’m certainly not a mom, I am a parent of three kids. And thank goodness, I had my partner Barb. My Lord, how the heck did you do that?


Cassandra Jude 3:23

Honestly, I don’t know, looking back, not a lot of sleep. Not a lot of sleep. Yeah, I worked at a law firm and went to law school. So I mean, it was good, because it gave me like an end goal. You know, like in terms of I was helping the clients and I was going to the classes and I was already doing kind of what the classes were teaching. So that helped a lot. But I had a really bad experience with my family law case when I was still a family. Um, you know, it’s not a lawyer when I was a single parent going through law school and all that. And it really just lit a fire under me that people need lawyers that don’t talk and legalese to them. That lawyers that pick up the phone, and you know, lawyers that are there. And I don’t know, it’s really hard to not get bogged down. And the Day when you’re a lawyer and I think that’s my strong suit is I’m always there for clients, and all these experiences have made me really realize how necessary that is for this field. Because it’s really scary. Regardless of all the issues that I handle. It’s really scary when you’re in the middle of that, and you need somebody that is willing to take the time.


Charlie McDermott 4:33

Yeah, yeah, that’s a great, great point. I mean, I mean, so many things that really all the services that you listed, whether it’s you know, business services or, or the personal injury and and other things, you know, you’re seeing this all the time, but everyone well, not everyone has a person hopefully not everyone has a first time but but when it happens, it is scary. I mean, it’s uncharted territory, a new business owner or someone who has an in injury or some family member, and it’s that ripple effect, it impacts everyone and, and folks just don’t know where to turn who to turn to. And that’s why what you’re doing and getting this information out there so important that not so they could just line up at your door. And, and, and you know, hire you and your firm, but more importantly just to help people. And because, you know, you’re growing, but there’s only so many folks you can help at any given time. So again, speak to the importance of getting this information out there via the podcast. So what do you and I know you mentioned a few kind of episodes, any anything else that comes to mind? Anything? I mean, what do you hear on a day to day week to week basis that you just kind of said, Geez, yeah, I really need to help folks. And it’s great. They can call you and have those conversations. But from a general information standpoint, what do you what do you hear?


Cassandra Jude 6:04

So with small businesses, a lot of times people don’t even know where to start, like in terms of should I make an LLC? Like, how do I do that? You know, so that I’m asked about that a lot. trademarking like, you can trademark with the state, or you can trademark with federal, like government, and there are differences. And pivoting to personal injury, I mean, everything right, like you, you just got hit by somebody, you know, going 70 miles an hour. Now, you’re at the hospital. I mean, like, you know, what’s the process? How do I know that the insurance company is, you know, giving me the most money? Like, what can I do to maximize my claim? And then, you know, with criminal defense, kind of the same thing, it’s like, most of my clients, they aren’t, you know, this is like, a one off thing for them. Like, you know, they’re just, they’ve no idea they’re not criminals, really, you know, good people do get arrested, right? Like, what’s the process for that? You know, and how long does it take and, you know, who has the power to, like, charge the person and like, what are they using to decide, you know, what they’re offering and a plea deal. So I mean, I have lots of topics that I can cover, and I’m more than excited, as you can hear, I’m like, I got so much information, I’m ready to share it. I don’t even have to call me pillar, pay for my services, because I know that it’s so needed, and it’s scary. So I’m here.


Charlie McDermott 7:34

Awesome. I’m excited to and you mentioned, yeah, they don’t have to call you or anything. But for those who want are listening, and do want to get in touch, what’s the best way for them to get a hold of you or your firm?


Cassandra Jude 7:50

So you can call or text me anytime. So I have a telephone number at the bottom of this podcast video, but I’m gonna say my other one my direct line. So it’s 239-933-1838. And you can text me anytime I will answer or call me anytime. And if I may be in court, but I will get back to you. And I do offer free consults. So if, like you I because I talk really fast, and this is all really intimidating topics. If you’re like, I want to talk more about like, what do I do next? When I’ve just been in a crash? Feel free to call me I’m not gonna like charge you to just answer your questions. That’s what I’m here for.


Charlie McDermott 8:30

Yeah. Oh, terrific. Well, Cassandra yet you killed it this first episode. And congratulations again. And I look forward to seeing you in episode number two real soon.


Cassandra Jude 8:42

Yay. Thank you.


Announcer 8:45

Thank you for listening to the Jude Law Firm podcast. For more information on Jude Law Firm. Contact us at Jude or call 888488 J


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