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Cassandra Jude


Cassandra Jude received her Bachelor of Arts degree in General Studies at The King’s University in Southlake, Texas. Subsequently, she obtained her Juris Doctor degree from UNT Dallas College of Law in Dallas, Texas.

Before founding Jude Injury, Attorney Jude tried several criminal cases as an Assistant Public Defender with the Lee County Public Defender’s Office and worked for the biggest insurance defense firm in Florida. Additionally, prior to and during law school Attorney Jude worked in the field of Plaintiff’s personal injury and negligence cases for seven years as a paralegal and law clerk.

Attorney Jude has one daughter and three dogs whom she considers to be her children. When not advocating for her clients, she enjoys going to the beach and enjoying the beautiful weather and scenes that being a resident of Lee County provides with her family.

Jorge López


Jorge López is a dedicated and versatile legal professional with a passion for leveraging technology to drive efficiency and provide exceptional client service. With a background in corporate law, new technologies, and modern contracts, Jorge brings a wealth of experience to his role. His adeptness in navigating international consultancy and bilingual environments has equipped him with strong communication and project management skills, enabling him to effectively meet the diverse needs of clients.

Driven by a desire to make a meaningful impact in the legal field, Jorge thrives on challenges and constantly seeks opportunities for growth and improvement. His proactive approach, coupled with a commitment to excellence, makes him a valuable asset to any legal team.

Outside of work, Jorge enjoys staying active and is dedicated to maintaining a healthy work-life balance. With a keen interest in legal technology and business law, he is always eager to explore new avenues for professional development and contribute to innovative projects.

Emma Abache

Legal Assistant

Emma is a dedicated legal assistant with a fervent desire for the legal field and a strong will for personal growth. With exceptional communication skills and fluency in Spanish and English, she is well equipped to thrive in a dynamic environment. Known for her efficiency, reliability and diligent work ethic, Emma is committed to supporting Jude Law Firm in achieving its goals.

Driven by a genuine desire to help both the firm and its clients, Emma possesses excellent research, writing and communication skills. Her keen attention to detail ensures accuracy and precision in all assignments, while her commitment to discretion and confidentiality instills confidence.

In addition, Emma excels at teamwork, collaborating effectively with colleagues to deliver exceptional results. Her adaptability enables her to meet challenges with ease and contribute positively to the firm’s success.

Melissa Mena

Intake Specialist

Melissa Mena is a dedicated intake specialist, the welcoming face for anyone seeking our services. She efficiently and compassionately manages initial inquiries, assesses needs, and facilitates communication with the firm. With a focus on understanding each client’s unique circumstances, Melissa ensures a smooth transition into our care.

Fluent in both English and Spanish, Melissa is a valuable asset for individuals seeking assistance. Her attention to detail, empathy, organization, and time management skills define her professionalism in this field. She consistently demonstrates eagerness to assist anyone seeking assistance with empathy and professionalism.

Melissa enjoys assisting others and her objectives are to grow and contribute to the firm and its clients by providing a warm welcome to all of them.